I remember reading a Dear Abby column years ago and the questioned was asked would you have children again if you knew what you know now.  The mail definitely ran against  having them.  After rearing 2 children I can appreciate why many answered that way.  I love my children but they are a constant source of frustration that only get worse with age.  My son is okay but prefers to be a house husband and can for the kids rather than work.  His wife definitely prefers to work rather than care for home and hearth.  Neither seems content on getting ahead or thinking about tomorrow.  They live out of town and frequently need gas money offered to come home.  WOW.  Now they are nice people they don’t abuse the kids, don’t drink or do drugs they just lack any sort of ambition.  They consider the parents to be too conservative and too material oriented.  Yet don’t have any problems asking for gas money or hey we a little short this month could you help with the electric bill.  My question is why should I.  I am not saying my parents never help with an unusual emergency, but not utilities and certainly not if both my husband and I were not working by choice.  

My other child on the surface looks great, good getter, goal oriented, good college GPA , but doesn’t think pick up after self its a constant battle. Treats me as if I am dumber than dirt and certainly is a drama queen about nothing.  So if you ask me would I have children again probably, but I do wonder if the sport convertible, vacations and trips to New York might not have been more fun.  

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